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PR Deliverables

PR Deliverables

PR Deliverables Explained

PR Deliverables Explained

PR jargon explained by account director Luke Budka.

Media release (aka press release)

A written announcement of a piece of company news that is distributed to journalists to achieve media coverage. A typical media release includes the who, what, when, where, and why of the story along with a little background info, maybe a picture or two, and quotes from your stakeholders.

Journalists receive hundreds of media releases each day and only a few make it into their publications or broadcasts. To maximise your chances of coverage, make sure your release includes real news that is likely to be of interest to your target media’s readers/listeners/viewers. Read our blog post on what makes a story newsworthy


As part of your B2B PR campaign, we set up interviews with journalists, analysts and other stakeholders that might be interested in your business, news stories or key messages. The ultimate goal is to get you on a journalist’s radar, and forge strong relationships with your top target media so that they are receptive to our pitches and automatically come to us for comment from you when they’re writing about your industry. This won’t happen overnight – it takes months to become the thought leader in your industry, but it’s worth it.

Case study

A case study tells a positive story about working with you from the perspective of one of your happy clients. It has been proven that independent third-party endorsement has a positive impact on the way your business is perceived, which makes case studies a great way of leading prospects through your service offering in a language they understand. We act like an extension of your team during the case study production process, which includes interviewing your customers, securing their approval and then taking those case studies to the media. We also produce written versions for your website, and our video production team can produces video case studies as well.

Byliner (aka opinion article)

A byliner is an article authored to you (or someone in your company) and published in a newspaper, magazine or on a blog (in this instance called a guest blog) or media website. Rather than just pushing your product or service, in a byliner you would present your perspective on a topical business issue, positioning you as a thought leader and building your authority in your industry. We use your knowledge and our writing ability to produce thought-provoking, interesting copy that the media will be keen to publish. For more information read our post on perfect writing for PR

Business profile

This is an article, usually written by a journalist, that tells the success story of your business (or of you as a business leader). Business profiles are really useful for reminding your customers that they are working with a solid and respected business and for raising your profile to the investment community.

Letter/issue response

We use letters (or comments in the case of digital PR) to respond to printed pieces or online articles on your behalf. A well written, succinct, interesting and prompt response will always have an excellent chance of being published in the letters or comments section of a publication. Responding quickly to online articles allows you to steer the debate, exposing your business to anyone who reads the article in future.

Interested in using these tactics as part of your marketing mix? Find out more about our integrated B2B PR service.

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