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Hate bureaucracy? Love technology? Bursting with creativity? Adore data? Write like Tolkien? Always early? Read newspapers for fun? Want to become one of the world’s leading digital communications experts?

Then you just might fit in here!

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Media Relations Specialist

Want to become a certified digital communications expert?

We’ll support you in achieving...

  • Hootsuite Certification 

  • Google Analytics
    Individual Qualification

  • Google Adwords

...and we’ll provide training in writing, PR, automated marketing, search marketing, data analysis and digital strategy. 

Our staff enjoy these benefits 

  • Your own company iPad – thanks @apple
  • £150 annual wellbeing bonus
  • 25-27 days’ holiday
  • Breakfast every Friday
  • A cracking social calendar
  • Fresh fruit and filter coffee on tap
  • Late start on your birthday
  • Extra time off for shopping in December

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