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Video marketing: how to go viral... or have fun trying!

There's no secret recipe that can guarantee your video marketing campaign will go viral. However, there are some things you can do to shorten your odds. If you're thinking about commissioning a video to market your business, follow the example of these internet sensations. By @Adam_Ketterer.

As Jamie Field, TopLine's Head of Production, pointed out in a previous post, the idea that you can simply say "Make me a viral video!" then sit back while your production company turns you into an internet sensation is, well, dumb. It seems a new video goes viral every week or two, but that's not surprising when over 70 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. It's like the Infinite Monkey Theorum: if a monkey bashes away at a typewriter for long enough (forever, actually), it'll almost certainly type out every one of Shakespeare's plays. With so many videos posted online - amateur and professional productions alike - it's no wonder the odd clip hits the viral motherload.

So, I hear you ask, it's all as random as a primate's prodding? To which we answer: yes, sometimes, but not always. Some of our favourite viral videos are examples of 'right place, right time' smartphone moviemaking. Others, however, are deliberate, well-planned, well-executed pieces of video marketing - the kind that a company of any size can practice, given the right tools and guidance.

The following infographic is a roundup of a few top tips you should consider if you plan on commissioning a marketing video. Take a look at our favourite online video gems, and the lessons we think can be learned from their successes.

Viral video marketing


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Mon 4th February, 2013

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