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B2B blog of the week: IdeaPaint

Imagine a world where you could draw on anything.  A world where you could scrawl all over your bedroom and your parents wouldn’t get narky.  A world where you could graffiti on your school walls and not wind up with an ASBO.  A world where you could doodle and scribble to your little heart’s content. ON A WALL. What an amazing world that would be. Read more

TopLine launches search for the greatest SAE in London

B2B Senior Account Exec – We are looking for an ambitious, hard-working B2B Senior Account Executive to join our award-winning West End team of five. The role requires someone who can be trusted to step in and play a valuable role in ensuring the account team delivers PR and social media programmes effectively for its clients. The SAE will benefit from the support of two account executives and the right person could quickly be promoted to AM. We are also working on some highly creative B2B campaigns at the moment, which, if successful, will be entered into awards.  So if the idea of being a major player in campaigns that grab the industry’s attention gets your pulse running, then read on.

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TopLine lands Two Issues Management Awards

TopLine Communications has won two awards for its education PR campaign against the government’s proposed changes to the student visa system. On Friday 11th November, the company’s work was recognised at the International Stevie Awards in New York, when it won the Best Issues Management Campaign 2011.

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Social media statistics

There is an enormous amount of information about social media on the web, but one of the things I’ve always struggled with is finding reliable statistics on social media usage. To address that problem The B2B Guide to Social Media today launches its social statistics pages. Read more

Just yelp!

Yelp is an online city guide that helps you find the cool places to eat, drink, dance and play in the area, based on the honest and informed opinions of locals, the people who will know, the people you would trust. Yelp is the fun and easy way to find and review the good, the bad and the ugly in your world. So chuck out the travel guide and get on Yelp. Read more

LinkedIn APIs explained

This post is due to popular demand after a search on the Google keyword tool revealed that a good 42,000 people a month are Googling ‘LinkedIn API’. So I’ve done some research on the subject and here is what I’ve come up with Read more
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