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Showcasing new defence tech

Showcasing new defence tech
Client: Track24

Their Brief

Track24 provides hardware and software to enable organisations to track and communicate with personnel, vehicles, aircraft and maritime vessels anywhere in the world.

Track24 identified an opportunity to develop commercial solutions for use in the defence sector. The technology offered beyond-line-of-sight comms, a military standard encryption level, and could be delivered at a fraction of the cost of proprietary defence technology, at a time when defence budgets across the globe were being cut.

What We Did

TopLine’s first step in this B2B PR campaign was to support the launch of Track24's tracking solutions, by defining the value proposition and messaging before developing collateral and web copy.

A technology PR programme was then launched, targeted at the international defence press, focusing on the changing face of warfare and the need for up-to-date communications technology.


Widespread coverage across the core defence sector media, all positive and incorporating agreed messaging, helped Track24 increase its profile in the global defence community, aiding its sales efforts enormously. Track24 won a contract to supply the Canadian government with short burst data (SBD) services, opening up the Canadian defence market and took revenue from a standing start to millions of dollars in less than five years.

What They Said

I am not sure we could have launched this product successfully to the defence market without the digital PR and messaging support provided by TopLine. Their B2B PR expertise is second to none, and they really demonstrated an ability to understand this very complex industry and help us define our positioning. Within weeks of appointing TopLine we were featured alongside billion-dollar companies in the core defence and technology media. This went a long way towards establishing our credibility in the sector, enabling us to successfully start selling to governments across the globe.

Giles Peeters
Defence Sector Director, Track24

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