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Creating a fixed odds financial betting leader

Creating a fixed odds financial betting leader
Client: Bets for Traders

Their Brief

BetsForTraders was a fixed-odds financial betting website offering ten different types of fixed-risk bets on financial markets, single stocks, stock indices and the foreign exchange markets.

The company needed to build and maintain a media presence in order to drive traffic to the site and encourage visitors to create accounts. To do this it would have to educate the public about fixed-odds financial betting and establish itself as the leading online financial bookmaker.

What We Did

TopLine’s strategy was to take data on the bets being placed on BetsForTraders to develop a daily trader confidence index. This quickly became an indispensable resource for finance journalists as they reported on market movements. TopLine also placed winner case studies in the media and a series of articles positioning fixed-odds financial betting as the way to beat the markets during the recession. The business media were kept up-to-date with regular calls, interviews and market updates, and we gave site vouchers as competition prizes in leading magazines and papers.


The resulting coverage amounted to 328 pieces, 58 of which were in the nationals, with an audience reach in excess of 125 million. Website visitor numbers rose by 90 per cent, driving BetsForTraders’ phenomenal growth before it was acquired by IG.

What They Said

I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of service and value for money we have received from TopLine Comms. They keep abreast of current events, and are proactive about finding opportunities where we can comment. Thanks to TopLine, we have built up a name for ourselves with potential clients, which has helped our company to grow quickly. I would highly recommend them.

Nick Maughan
Managing Director, Bets for Traders

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