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Fintech PR

Fintech PR

As an organisation operating in the fintech space, your PR strategy should be about more than your reputation - it should enhance your ability to generate leads and help make you more competitive. 

We are a digital comms agency that works with fintech companies who want to make their prospects act. Our experts are trained to help you achieve the result you want, whether that’s gaining recognition, attracting inbound leads, increasing your conversions, increasing engagement or building customer loyalty. We dedicate time to understanding your objectives, segmenting your target audiences and establishing the barriers preventing them from engaging with you. This enables us to build strategies that do more than just generate media coverage: they encourage your audiences to act. We test rigorously, analyse results and refine strategies to deliver ever-increasing returns.

For your business that means more inbound leads, better market awareness, and a smoother sales cycle. We’ve helped over 20 companies sell financial technologies to both businesses and consumers, and every one would recommend us.

If you want to see your business dominate the fintech industry, then get in touch with our CEO, Heather.

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