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“An extraordinary result and really modern way of working.” Chris May, managing director, FXL Training

Whether you are trying to attract talent during a skills shortage, selling software to recruiters or HR departments, delivering coaching or looking to cultivate a close network of employers, it is critical to build and maintain a credible public profile.

Our HR PR and social media team is skilled at identifying the messages that will get your company onto the news agenda and in front of prospects, HR managers, employers or candidates. We work closely with each of our clients to tie media activity to the sales cycle, supporting the organisation in its drive for growth.

Our approach to employment PR is based on measurable data. We analyse your target audience, agree the specific outcomes you seek, and develop strategies to achieve them. We then measure every step of the way and refine our strategies to ensure they deliver results.

Take for example Give A Grad A Go, the recruiter that won a contract with a FTSE 100 company after the BBC ran a story we developed about graduate salaries. Or Spencer Ogden, which led the national debate on the skills gap in the renewable energy sector. Or Bullhorn, the biggest recruitment software company in the world, which credits PR as a core contributor to its rapid success in the UK market.

If you would like to see your employment business dominate the media, get in touch or email bark@toplinecomms.com and one of our directors will get straight back to you.  

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