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Corporate Video Production Company

Finding the right corporate video production company to raise brand awareness can be a challenge. We’re not going to lie to you. This kind of production comes with a certain stigma attached. When you say ‘corporate video production’, many people will think you simply want someone to film your CEO sitting in an armchair speaking about the company history – 90's style. 
True, it has to introduce your company, but it doesn’t have to outline your entire history. Online video is central to marketing, but it has to be engaging. No one really wants to listen to a random stranger’s sales pitch.  
You want something that not only explains your company, but also builds interest in a unique and creative way. 
As a leading corporate video company, we create fit for purpose, high-quality live-action video as well as animated content, often combining the two. We’re experienced in a number of different genres and styles: documentary, POV (Peep Show style!), explainer animation, training videos, event video, corporate case studies, and many more. 

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Bear in mind a corporate video doesn’t always have to be ‘corporate’. It can be personal, funny or even outrageous. We can fly a drone around your office or animate characters to resemble your staff.

When you work with TopLine, you’ll get a bespoke production that makes use of a variety of styles and techniques. 

We also understand your production should be part of a bigger strategy. It should provide a snapshot of your company that will engage prospects and motivate them to take further sales funnel-focussed actions. 
With TopLine as your video production company, you get an end product that highlights your strengths, makes you stand out from the crowd, and truly reflects your company and its culture.
We so strongly believe in our approach that, instead of simply sitting our CEO down for an interview, we produced our take on the modern corporate video, to sit front and centre on our homepage.
If your need a quality corporate video production, then get in touch using the form or email us on to discuss your brief with Jamie, our head of production.
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