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Messaging workshops


“TopLine fully understood our unique selling points, and were able to help us identify our strengths and key messages quickly and succinctly because of this.” Managing director, secureVirtual.

Your value proposition lies at the heart of your business. It encapsulates how your business benefits your customers and conveys your corporate ethos and company mission. It forms the foundation of all communication between your company and stakeholders, from your website copy to media relations material and sales scripts, and captures what you want clients and prospects to think when your brand is mentioned.

The most successful organisations are those in which employees live and breathe the value proposition daily, yet it is not always easy to articulate.

Our messaging workshops, which draw on research by some of the world’s leading thinkers on strategy, are designed to distil your corporate messages into a few key features that appeal to prospects and distinguish you from competitors.

Each workshop is preceded by in-depth research into your brand messages and those of your competitors. Following the session, we deliver a brand strategy document that outlines:

  • Core headline messages and supporting proof
  • Market positioning against competitors
  • Thought leadership opportunities
  • Analysis of communications channels
  • Recommendations

If you need help identifying your value proposition, call us on +44(0)207 580 6502. Or leave your details and one of our directors will come straight back to you.


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