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SEO Agency London

SEO Agency London

Many companies come to us after their search marketing agencies have let them down. Often after six months of working together their sites are still floundering on page five for important search terms. Or their PPC campaigns attract heaps of traffic, but none of this converts into leads. In the worst cases, their sites have been penalised by Google for unethical or spammy optimisation techniques.

We are the only SEO agency in London (and possibly the world) with a PR agency background. This is important because successful search marketing is as much about building your site’s reputation as it is about updating metadata. We tackle SEO and PPC projects in a strategic, data-driven manner: we build strategies, determine KPIs, implement campaigns and continually refine them for maximum impact. Our approach works because our PR background stands us in good stead to differentiate your company from competitors targeting the same search terms.  And our approach is sustainable: our clients’ sites have sailed through every update to Google's algorithm.

Being conspicuously positioned at the top of the results pages at the specific moment a prospect is looking for your products or services is the best digital lead generation move you can make: the leads and enquiries that you attract through search marketing are usually from people who are motivated and ready to buy.

We’ve helped our clients’ websites climb into the top positions organically in Google and attract leads cost-effectively through paid search. Our own site is proof of the value of search marketing: over 70 per cent of the leads we generate now come through our website.

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