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B2B Marketing Resources

B2B Marketing Resources

Did you want to get your grubby mitts on some awesome B2B marketing resources? Then you've certainly come to the right place. 

Whether you're after a friendly face to navigate you through the world of video, or you want to expand your SEO knowledge to prove to the boss that it's worth some serious investment, you'll find what you need here.

And if you've downloaded all our ebooks and still want some more – you insatiable beast, you – head to our blog for more of our latest and greatest content.


A great eBook can do wonders in terms of lead generation, but getting it right is not always that easy!

Before you start writing, download the guide on How to Write an eBook for tips on how to pick the right topic, draft the copy and get it designed. This guide will also teach you how to market your eBook once written and track its performance. 


Well developed buyer personas will help you effectively target your ideal customers. But developing these personas can seem like a mammoth task, especially if you don't have a proper plan to follow. 

Download the How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business eBook now to learn what information should be included in a buyer persona and how you should go about getting this crucial information. 

Live-action video is great, but it can be limiting. If you want the characters in your video to do something that isn't physically possible, a corporate animation could be just the thing for you! 

Download the Guide to Corporate Animations and Explainers now to find out everything you need to know about choosing an animation style and briefing an animation agency. 



If you're looking to sell your product or service to the UK's SME community - you're in luck. The UK's entrepreneurial community is large (5.4 million businesses) and vibrant. But getting your products or services in front of this diverse demographic can be tricky. 

Want to find out how to do it? Then download the Ultimate Guide to Marketing to SMEs today!



Once upon a time, getting your story published on the front page was a dream for most businesses. But times have changed and even successful PR strategies (if you define success in media coverage terms) don't always deliver measurable results. So do you still nee PR? Well, yes. But not in the way you might have done a decade ago. This free ebook will explain all. 



You’ve already got a good video; something bound to blow the competition away in the eyes of your audience. If only your target audience saw it!
You might want help getting your video right in the first place (in which case scroll down to our Commissioning a Video eBook!), but that’s not the problem we’re trying to help you solve here. 

The question we’re trying to answer is simple: how do you get a good video in front of the most eyeballs? And that's the question you want the answer to, yes? Well, you're in the right place. Take a read of our Guide to Getting Eyes on Your Video to find out how to create business-boosting buzz around your video!


The Essential B2B Guide to SEO

These days, if most of your site visitors are people you already know, then it’s a major red flag. Why? Because a bunch of people – sometimes a couple of thousand, sometimes millions – are looking for what you’re offering every month. But if your website isn’t easily accessible and visible in a search engine, they won’t know you’re offering it, and they’ll get it from your more web-savvy competitors, regardless of how blatantly inferior they may be. And that's not a world you want to live in, is it? The Essential B2B Guide to SEO will show you the better way.


The Ultimate Guide to Commissioning a Corporate Video

Hitching your wagon to the video star is a smart move – and missing out is pretty much the precise opposite.

A good corporate video is a way for you to show off your services and your company culture in a way that people will remember. It has immense lead gen power, but like most things, it’s a bit daunting if you’ve never done it before – which is why we compiled this handy little guide to losing your video commissioning cherry.


SaaS Marketing Formula

As a SaaS vendor, digital marketing is one of the pillars of your sales strategy. Getting it wrong can be detrimental to your business, which is why you need to work with SaaS marketing experts.

The brilliance of the SaaS Marketing Formula lies in its simplicity. It involves using proven techniques, based on academic research into influence and persuasion, to engage prospects at the beginning of the buying cycle, and to help them along the journey through each of the stages.

You want yourself some of that good stuff, dontcha?! Then download The SaaS Marketing Formula today.


The Fintech Little Black Book

Fintech is on track to generate huge sums for the UK – and the global – economy. From P2P lending to capital markets tech, there's a smorgasbord (good word huh?) of companies out there vying for the attention of the adoring public. Maybe not quite adoring, but certainly one that's fascinated by the paying-with-watches and robot advisor future waiting for us. It's almost like there are too many Fintech companies to count!

Well we counted them. And to make your life that little bit easier, we've added every Fintech company we found to our Little Black Book. Download it to discover the companies changing the finance landscape for the better.


The PR Account Manager's Handbook 

There’s more to being an account manager than just being a “people person”. While it helps to be confident, helpful, and generally sunny – especially when a client’s being unreasonable, or downright bizarre – it’s a sophisticated, multifaceted role, and to succeed, you’ll need to develop a sophisticated, multifaceted skillset.

If you’re new to the industry, the PR Account Manager’s Handbook will give you a crash course in keeping clients happy – and if you’re a veteran, it provides an essential, up-to-date refresher.  

B2B Leadgen Superstars 

Leads are the lifeblood of any small-medium sized business, but they’re often pretty hard to come by – for B2B companies in particular. If you run a hot dog stand, you can just stick someone in a big hot dog costume and that’ll usually do the trick. If you’re selling cloud technology solutions, it’s a wee bit more complicated.
As ever, we’re here to help: we know what does generate B2B leads…and we know what doesn’t. How? It’s not because we’re geniuses (though FYI we definitely are): it’s simply that we’ve tried and failed, and we’ve now got a good idea of what works. Download our lead gen eBook to find out! 


Our Tips for Pitching the BBC

Whether you’re trying to get your client featured in a news item on TV, providing comment for an article, or appearing on the radio, pitching the BBC is an intimidating prospect: it’s a huge organisation with massive global reach, and every ambitious PR within a thousand mile radius is trying to get it to notice them.

We can’t make any guarantees, but we have had stuff placed in the BBC for a bunch of different clients over the years. The pitches that succeeded had a lot in common with each other – as did the ones that failed. This eBook collects our top tips for pitching the BBC, in handy downloadable form


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