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You get the best of both worlds

Using TopLine as your European PR agency offers a number of benefits. You have the opportunity to reach multiple markets, and:

  • You have the option to work with a single point of contact – one of our London-based comms consultants.
  • We provide consolidated activity reporting, enabling you a clear overview of European comms activity (that can also be broken down by region).
  • We ensure consistency of messaging across different geographies.

Our model is based around highly talented and experienced individual specialists in each market. That means we are able to keep our overheads down and offer genuine value for money to our clients, while providing local market consultancy.

Our Europe coverage

We currently service clients in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden.

Our other markets

We also have representation across the US, South Africa and Singapore. And we are able to set up hubs in other countries – usually within two months if a client has a requirement.

Our clients

If you’re looking for a European PR agency that will deliver, then contact our director, Katy, to discuss your requirements.

Contact Katy