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Meet Our CEO

Meet Our CEO
Things are pretty good at TopLine these days: we have a constantly ringing coverage gong, a delightful office dog, plenty of fresh fruit (no Roman-style servants to hand-feed us peeled grapes yet, but give it time), and a portfolio full of happy clients. It hasn’t always been this way, however – and to understand how we’ve got to this point, it’s essential to understand Heather Baker, our CEO and founder.

Heather isn’t quite like other CEOs. This isn’t to say she’s one of those MDs who overemphasise mandatory fun, with office slides, Disco Tuesdays, and free slinkies for everyone; those guys are fine, but they’re not Heather. What we’re referring to, without putting too fine a point on it, is her borderline-frightening determination.

Leaving your comfortable agency career behind to create your own, with few clients, in the middle of a global financial apocalypse? That’s not a trial by fire; that’s a trial by lava. TopLine Comms, it is fair to say, was not forged in adversity as much as lunacy. Heather, however, made it work. Somehow.

Indeed, during her reign as CEO, TopLine has transformed from a scrappy small fry in the hyper-competitive London PR scene to an award-winning integrated comms consultancy boasting clients in all shapes, sizes, and sectors. She loves nothing more than masterminding digital strategies, designing effective campaigns, and helping to connect the most exciting tech companies around with their target audiences.

When she isn’t doing that, she’s heavily involved with the UK branch of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (she has served in a number of different roles, including president) – and when she isn’t doing that, she’s travelling the world like the bastard lovechild of Bill Bryson and Carmen Sandiego and networking like a pro.

And before, after, and during this time, she indulged her passion for education – she’s got more letters after her name than you’ll find in a bowl of alphabet soup – and shared her hard-learned lessons on the B2B PR Blog, which has won several awards and attracted a lively community of industry professionals.  

Finally, Heather is the first result for ‘Heather Baker’ on Google, which speaks both to her accomplishments and TopLine’s SEO mastery. She is a little way off being first among Heathers in general at the moment, but she’s working on it.

How does she do it? Time travel, basically. Or body doubles. Somebody said something about a secret twin at one point. It’s an ongoing argument – whatever the answer is, our clients are pretty happy.  

Whatever stage you’re at with your comms – whether you’ve been around the block a few times or are just starting out – Heather and her team can get you the results you need. Talk to our CEO today and she’ll prove it. 

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