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Well, the thing about dogs is they’re always happy to see you. When you’ve been beavering away on something for hours (maybe days) at a time, and the end only seems to be receding further into the distance, a dog has a noticeable effect on company morale. She revives flagging spirits and makes good moods even better – qualities that contribute immensely to TopLine HQ’s atmosphere of happiness and perpetual optimism – we like positive people.

Even if you’re not really a dog person, you’ll come to like Devon. Because in truth, there’s no such thing as ‘not a dog person’: there are dog people, and there are people who don’t love themselves enough. With this in mind, Devon is something of a canine evangelist: winning over sceptics with bottomless enthusiasm and affection. She likes two things in this world above all others: you, and playing fetch. You’re going to like her too. Just let it happen.

Nowadays, Devon and TopLine are more or less synonymous: she’s been with us since she was twelve weeks old, and it’s hard to imagine a time before our faithful office hound. Her hobbies include taking long daytime naps – yes, the other TopLiners are very jealous – playing fetch, and going for walks. Standard dog stuff, really, but she makes it her own. She also has Instagram, but she doesn’t update it very often. You know how it is: you sign up to these things with the best of intentions, but life somehow always gets in the way.

Also, no thumbs.