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Our Process

Our Process

Have you ever been on a long journey without a roadmap? One moment you’re ambling along, thinking you’re heading in the right direction, and before you know it, you’ve taken a left turn into Panther Country.

The same principle applies to your company’s comms: you need to know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and how to avoid dangerous territory along the way.

TopLine can help: grounded in data and measurable insights, our strategies will address your most pressing comms needs – and because we’re always refining them, they’ll only get better over time. We know our process inside out, we’ve plotted out every step of the journey, and we’re more than happy to share the details with you.

1.    Comms audit

The first thing we do is a comprehensive comms audit: we lock ourselves indoors and spend a week examining your company’s public face. Contact with the outside world is negligible, and nourishment is delivered via prison-style food ports.

During this time, we look at everything: the website, the brand, your presence on social media and traditional media, and the processes you use for each of these things – and how they compare to best practices. The comms audit offers a comprehensive assessment of your organisation’s performance, and allows us to identify what is working well, what unequivocally isn’t, and what lies somewhere between these extremes.

Once we’ve emerged from the bunker and readjusted to sunlight, we’ll give you a thorough overview of how you’re doing and some clear recommendations about where improvements need to be made.  

2.    Discovery

Or, in the immortal words of Julie Andrews – “getting to know you, getting to know all about you.” In our discovery phase, we get acquainted with your business, clients, and prospects to form the basis of your new comms strategy. No two companies are exactly the same, and no one-size-fits-all solution is going to help yours grow. Your organisation is unique, your products are unique, and so your comms should be unique and tailored to your specific needs.

We’ll talk to you to understand your industry, processes and aims; we’ll talk to your clients about why they like you; we’ll talk to your prospects to understand their barriers to purchase. We'll do whatever helps us enable you to effectively engage prospects and retain current clients via targeted comms.

3.    Planning

Because if you meant to just wing it and hope for the best, you wouldn’t have come to us! We take a forensic eye to your comms strategy and we’ll develop a detailed, step-by-step plan across the optimal mix of channels: we're the most excellent ethical SEO agency in London, we're the best B2B PR agency, we have a virtuoso video company head of production, and we're a brilliant B2B content marketing agency – the list goes on! Whatever’s necessary to boost your public profile and generate inbound leads, our specialists are trained in the science of influence and know how to make your target customers act.

4.    Execution

A good strategy is one thing, but bringing it to fruition is quite another.

Fortunately, we’re experts in putting your new plan into action. Our media relations is excellent (so good it's its own department); we know where the best followed links are to be found; meta data is second nature; great video is in our DNA; thought-provoking content (with your input, of course!) is standard; we know who's talking about what on social; and we help you maximise event RoI - that's just for starters!

In general, we make more noise than a thousand simultaneous Stomp performances – in a good way, and all in the service of getting your company out there.  

5.    Results

Fair warning: when we get you great results, we’ll never, ever shut up about it. We’ll send you weekly results frameworks that break down the ways we’ve delivered for your business: from the “Likes” on an individual Facebook post to coverage in national newspapers, the data is there if you want it. And it's there because we're a team full of Google Analytics certified whizzes.

We don’t just do this because we’re boastful sorts. We want you to know you’re getting a return on your investment, and that we’re delivering on the promises we’ve made week to week. 

6.    Optimisation

When you’ve achieved an objective, it’s tempting to rest on your laurels: to kick back in a massage chair with a glass of ice-cold lemonade and celebrate a job well done.

Sounds really nice, but it’s not for us: if we want to keep delivering – and we do – we know we can’t afford to sit still. We’re not done with those results frameworks when we send them off: we’re constantly looking for ways to better our performance.

Week to week we’ll analyse our reports, agonise over what we could have done better, and tinker with our processes until they can be improved no more.

Is our process something you want to get on board with? Speak to Heather, our CEO to find out more.

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