Myspace statistics

Updated 26/02/2013
Statistic Details Date Country
1 million new users joined Myspace in 30   days in February Feb-12 Globally
25 million current registered users on   Myspace Feb-12 Globally
40, 000 people a day signed up to   Myspace since it introduced new ties with Twitter and Facebook Feb-12 Globally
$35   million The amount Rupert Murdoch sold   Myspace for in June-11. Feb-12 Globally
42 million songs in the Myspace catalogue Feb-12 Globally
1.6   million monthly active users of   Myspace’s Facebook app. Feb-12 Globally
900,000 monthly active users of   Myspace’s Facebook app. Jan-12 Globally
18% of B2B journalists have a   Myspace account Aug-11 US
63m MySpace users Mar-11 Globally
50m Users that have left MySpace   since February 2010 Mar-11 Globally
14% Reduction in users between Jan   and Feb 2011 Feb-11 Globally
$100m The amount that News Corp sought   to sell Myspace for 27-Apr-11 US
10m users left MySpace between Jan   and Feb 2011 Jan-11 Global
$156m Financial losses 2011 Global
25% The effectiveness of MySpace   among B2B marketers 2009 US
$30m Financial losses 2009 Global
$580m The price that MySpace was   acquired for by News Corp 2005 US