Wikipedia statistics

Updated 26/02/2013
Statistic Details Date Country   / Region
1,737 Number of active editors to   Wikipedia in Chinese. Feb-12 Global
7, 529, 626, 462 Page views per month Feb-12 Global
More than 162 million people saw the Wikipedia   blackout page on 18th    January 2012. Feb-12 Global
8 million people used the blackout page to   find their representative’s contact information. Feb-12 Global
1 billion edits were reached on Wikipedia   on April 16th, 2010 Feb-12 Global
23,560,498 Pages Mar-11 Global
452,208,228 Edits Mar-11 Global
843,951 Uploaded files Mar-11 Global
14,220,559  Registered users Mar-11 Global
1,781 Administrators Mar-11 Global
1.17wmf1 (r84620) MediaWiki version Mar-11 Global
14m Articles on Wikipedia Jan-10 Global
85,000 Contributors to Wikipedia Jan-10 Global
78,000,000 Monthly visitors Jan-10 Global
91,000 Active contributors Jan-10 Global
17,000,000 Articles being worked on by   active contributors Jan-10 Global
270 Languages Jan-10 Global
3,592,886 Articles in English Jan-10 Global
2,000 Featured Articles; articles that   have been designated by the Wikipedia community as featured articles,   exemplifying the best articles in the encyclopedia Jan-10 Global
7,000 Good Articles, as designated by   the Wikipedia community Jan-10 Global