B2B blog of the week: IdeaPaint

Enter IdeaPaint.  These marvellous people have invented a paint that you can write all over and simply wipe away when you’re done, a bit like a giant white-board.  Not only does it satisfy everyone’s dormant childhood impulses to draw all over things they shouldn’t, but it’s also pretty useful for businesses too.  It can be used for anything from menus in restaurants to staff rotas to mind mapping, ‘’giving you the space you need to collaborate, interact and fully explore your creativity’’.  Who needs paper when you can write stuff on walls?
Not content with having a pretty cool product, the company’s blog is great too. It’s crammed with video case studies, company announcements, competitions and ideas from customers.  I like it because it shows genuine customer engagement – not only does it entice new customers in with videos of just how gosh darn happy and fulfilled IdeaPaint’s customers are, but it provides ideas and tips for how existing customers can make the most out of the product.
By Hannah Stacey (@hanstacey)