New B2B PR Blog goes live

The site is not just for those who work in B2B PR; it is a guide for those thinking of using the services of an agency for a PR campaign, with objective assessments of the best (and worst) that the industry has to offer. (The Steaming Barrel should be approached with caution.)

The blog’s mission is to gather practical knowledge and, more importantly, to share it in a format that is useful for both PR professionals and people working in B2B organisations. This includes an interviews section, in which we ask journalists how they like to be pitched, and a host of other resources, comparison tables and how-to guides.

Graduates and young professionals looking to land their first B2B position will also find advice from those who have already made that journey.

The B2B PR Blog cuts through the jargon with useful articles written by those in the know. If you’re bamboozled by PR (let alone the unique mysteries of B2B PR), let Heather Baker, the editor, introduce you.

The blog is light-hearted but means business, so if you have something to add to the discussion, please get in touch.