5 ways not to future proof your video

Past, present, future, video productionYou’re spending £5k on a beautiful, glossy corporate video production. If by any chance you want that video to be out of date within six months, here are five fail safe things that you could do:

1. Film your video in standard definition.

SD is a format that was used in the dark ages, which in technological terms is anything before 2003! Surprisingly some video production companies, and even broadcasters, still offer SD services mainly because of the high costs of upgrading their equipment. To avoid future costs, which will surely arise if you hand over SD films to another production company for re-editing, invest your precious budget into HD film.

You can read more about the perils of choosing SD here.

2. Put dates in your script – funnily enough, dates date things!

I don't really need to say much more here! Don't unnecessarily put a time stamp on your video production and make it irrelevant within the year when it could be reused in other projects.

3. Make reference to events / occasions that happened recently

We once worked with a company that had included a question about Christmas in a survey that it wanted to capture on video. We quickly recognised that, as the video was only due to be delivered in January, this was a bad idea.

4. Copy a style you’ve seen off a current advert that you think is really cool now

We had to talk a client out of wanting to produce a video in the same style as this Carphone Warehouse ad, which somehow managed to start off a big trend, resulting in loads of really bad copycat videos. However, our client managed to avert embarrassment with this one, as this particular style of video went out of fashion a couple of weeks later.

5. Use your favourite song of the moment

As crazy as it sounds using the latest pop sensation could have an adverse effect on the way your video is perceived and remembered. As the next big thing explodes on to the music scene your viewers will quickly place your now apparently dated video production into their own mental timelines, potentially viewing and remembering it as a dated product or service.


Anything related to the world of media, such as video, has a time stamp on it. From certain production styles, motion graphics, special effects and music scores, there are numerous ways to inadvertently cement your video production in the past.

If you hire the right video production team you will be able to approach your project strategically and navigate around the potential issues. A B2B video will usually have a much longer shelf life than most B2C videos, so you need to make sure that you are future proofing your production to avoid having to unnecessarily invest more money in filming more corporate videos in the short term.

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