An intro to integrated marketing

Yes, I’ll agree – launching a public relations agency in October 2008 was economically reckless. However, in terms of industry evolution, the timing couldn’t have been better. We entered the sector as it was entering arguably the most exciting time in its history, experiencing a pace of change that few could keep up with. It’s been hard work, but we have dedicated enormous resource to building our expertise, testing new technologies and trialling new methods to see what works, and whether this will continue into the future.

What we have found is that while every B2B marketing discipline (from B2B PR to social media, to SEO and video production) has its merits, we’re now at a point in history where they are no longer as effective as standalone methods as they were in the past. Now, more than ever before, these disciplines interact and reinforce each other, making integrated communications the future of the discipline.

Over the next few months, we will be blogging on how PR, social media, SEO, video, analyst relations and crisis communications affect each other.