Measuring the success of your corporate video

Measure success, video production servicesA corporate video can bring your business several benefits, many of which are quantifiable (and some of which are a little less tangible). To guarantee that your web video meets your marketing goals and supports your wider marketing strategy, track the following metrics and respond when they are not going in the right direction:

  • Viewership: How many people have seen your video?  What is the pass-along rate?  Is it going viral?
  • Views: How many times are your videos viewed?  How much of each video is viewed? Are people getting bored ten seconds in and closing their browsers?
  • Interaction: Since online videos tend to drive user interaction, assess comments for frequency and content.  This is a great way to gain feedback for consideration when commissioning your next video.
  • Branding: Have your branding metrics improved as a result of online video use?
  • Leads: How has the corporate video helped support sales in terms of supplying direct, identifiable sales leads or adding to the pre-purchase research phase?
  • Costs: What is the expense of developing the video and related website support and how does this compare to the benefits you are realising?

Of course, the most important question to ask is: did the video meet its objectives? We often find companies come to us with the brief to redo their corporate video because the budget video they commissioned didn’t achieve what they had hoped. Perhaps the script was slightly off, or the video was so long that viewers got bored before seeing the most important part. Maybe they failed to include a call to action, or it loaded so slowly on their website that viewers simply abandoned it before even pressing the ‘play’ button. In many instances, they simply didn’t tell their video production company what the objectives were and set themselves up for failure.

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