Nine ways to improve your bottom line with corporate video

Corporate videoFew will argue with the statement that video marketing will be more important than ever in 2013. Here are ten ways a web video production can improve your bottom line:

Drive traffic to your website

The statistics speak for themselves: Video marketing campaigns increase click-through rates by an average of 750 per cent

Turn website traffic into customers

According to a recent study by Forrester Research, the addition of a corporate video production makes your website six times more likely to convert a ‘browser’ into a paying customer. In addition, comScore Inc. found that visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on a site on average and are 64 per cent more likely to make a purchase.

Improve your SEO

Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL are all among the prominent search engines that give priority listings to websites that host video content.  One of the best ways you can maximise the SEO benefits of video is to create a video site map.  This helps explain to Google (or any other search engine) that you have a video on your website and provides information on the content that video contains.

Enhance your brand

A cleverly produced video can be used to represent your company’s genuine voice.  Video can also demonstrate your company’s authenticity by bringing faces, voices, and personality to your operations.  

Support sales

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video can tell the entire story. Companies often have the challenge of marketing complex products in a manner that keeps their customers’ attention.  Intricate products and services or complex concepts can be easily simplified with video.

Achieve value from events

At trade shows you have direct access to your customers but you also need to bid against your competitors for their attention. Turning your stand into a production studio where you interview partners and customers helps attract attention on the day, and provides an excellent hook for sharing your messages with the people in the industry who were unable to attend the event.

Manage a crisis

The use of online video can be a great way to deliver a sincere and clear message during a company crisis. If you need to get the message out to your audience quickly, then video is often the most effective way to do so.

Showcase best practice

What better way to show off the fantastic work you are capable of than in the form of a video case study, where your clients or customers tell the business community how great it is to work with you?

Attract investment

At TopLine, we recently worked with a property entrepreneur who is looking to raise £2m in investment. His business proposition is exciting, but it’s difficult to explain in a 30-second elevator pitch. So we’re producing a video in which we use animation to demonstrate how the service will work, and interview him to provide a human face to the business (we know that venture capitalists invest in people not products), and we shared the video with potential investors on social networks to help attract interest from the investment community.

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