What type of video is best for your business?

Filmreel, corporate video productionYou don’t need me to tell you that your business needs video in 2013. Whether you wish to promote a product or service or tell your story to existing or future clients, video is the best possible medium for achieving this. Here I have compiled a list of seven different types of video that can be used by your business.


Creating a frequently asked questions video will enable clients to have their questions easily answered without having to call your customer service team. A great FAQ section can be the determining factor in whether you are chosen over a competitor and can also save you money by enabling you to keep your customer service centre small.


Introduce your staff by interviewing executives or internal subject matter experts on specific services or products.  Interviews are a great way to communicate your company’s messages and establish yourself as an authority or thought leader in your industry.  This method can also help demonstrate your dedication to customer satisfaction and create a greater connection with customers by showing them the faces and personalities of your employees.

Video tour

In 2010, 108 million Internet users viewed a web-based tour. Online virtual tours allow your customers to see all aspects of your product, office, or production process. A video tour of your company can also add additional interest to your website’s ‘About Us’ page.

Testimonials and case studies

Drive your sales by boosting customer confidence with video testimonials. Your best clients can explain on video how using your products or services solved a problem or improved their lives or businesses.  This can help your prospective clients relate.

How-to guides

Creating an animated (cartoon) video for your brand or an infomercial to showcase products and help clients understand exactly how to use your product, will help drive conversions and encourage people to share links to your website (the great news is that one of the leading animation companies in London is only a click away!).

Event interviews

Why not invite an award-winning broadcast journalist to interview your clients, managers and partners on your stand at an event or tradeshow? This is a cost-effective way to create multiple videos in a single day. If the footage can be edited that evening, you can have it live on your website by the following morning. If you have a strong communications team that can promote the results, you can leverage the event’s existing momentum to boost your brand profile and thought leadership.

Training video

Is your CEO getting bored of running through the same company intro every time you hire a new team member? What about your health and safety guidelines? Is your HR manager starting to sound like a broken record? Capture this information on video and you will save valuable time.

If you're looking for a corporate video production company then get in touch. For further reading: If your video production company charges extra for HD video, sack em.