Why you shouldn't write your own video script

Script writing, video production serviceThe script is the most important part of any video production. Even if Steve Spielberg was directing and Philip Bloom was responsible for shooting, your video would never reach its potential if your script wasn't up to scratch.

But we often get clients coming to us with the script pre-written and the brief to make a video to their script. I understand the reasoning behind this – save time and keep costs down. But while this is very useful as it gives us a good idea of what the client wants, the script we end up recording is usually unrecognisable from what we received in the first place. We run the copy past our in-house professional script writing team (really handy to have a PR team onsite who can climb inside a client’s messaging very quickly and refine the script – usually through redrafting version upon version upon version). Many video production companies do not have this expertise in-house, which means they might take a client’s script without question and construct the corporate video around it. This can be a costly mistake.

Impactful scriptwriting is more complex than you think

One thing that is often overlooked by novice script writers is that writing for voice over is very different from writing for print. For example, a script that is written for visuals needs to use words that lend themselves to that medium, to strengthen the impact of the finished video production.

The script can’t be changed in editing

Attempting script writing for your corporate video with no experience and getting it completely wrong can be costly. If you are aiming for a broadcast-quality video production then you will be spending a few thousand pounds; you’ll be hiring a professional production company, with a trained cameraman, editor, director and motion graphics artist. They are paid by the day. So, if you change your mind about the script on the day of filming, or after the video has been delivered, it will cost you into the thousands to have any amendments made – why on earth would anyone want to take that risk?

Remove yourself from the equation

Most clients are too caught up in their own businesses to be able to write the perfect script. Clients will often include every single detail about their product or service, in an effort to showcase their true greatness in their field. It’s the responsibility of your script writers to strike the perfect balance between product detail and ‘watchability’. This often means less is more. With over ten years experience in the industry and having made over 500 corporate videos I have never found a client that has been able to do this and always recommend bringing in the professionals.

Script writing is a specialist skill, and my advice to organisations is always to get specialist help!

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