10 great paid SEM tools and resources

You might have to fork out a few squid for these search engine optimisation tools and resources, but if you’re serious about digital PR, SEO and online marketing (and have exhausted the free options), then you should budget for these as they will make your life easier. 

1.    Teasley Calculator: Online advertising analysis tools that will help you calculate the statistical significance of click-through or response rates. Great for Google Adwords!

Cost? One off payment of $49.99. Teasley Calculator, Web SEO services

2.    Chalkmark: An online tool to assist you in measuring the user experience of your newly designed or redesigned website before it goes live. A must have for anyone who wants to get their web designs righ
before their visitors see them.Chalkmark, Web SEO services

Cost? £109 per month or $990 for an annual subscription.


3.    SEMRush.com: An online competitor research tool that offers search marketers insights into their competitors’ performance in the organic and paid search results. It also offers long tail keyword targeting suggestions in addition to graphical chart functionality to enable users to compare various SEO metrics.

  SEMRush, Web SEO services

Cost? From $69.95 per month up to $499.95 per month depending on requirements.

4.    Help a reporter out (HARO): A service that puts news sources in touch with journalists looking for their knowledge and expertise. HARO brings around 30,000 bloggers, reporters and journalists, over 80,000 news sources and thousands of small businesses together to tell their stories, promote their brands and sell their products and services.

HARO, Web SEO services
Cost? Subscription for Sources is from $19 per month up to $149 per month. Reporters can submit source queries for free.

5.    CopyScape: An online tool that detects plagiarised and duplicated content. This tool will find copies of your web pages in addition to detecting possible cases of content theft and fraud. This is essential for websites in the post-Google panda search landscape, as duplicate content can harm your website's rankings in the search engine results. Copysentry can provide the same reports automatically by scanning the web daily and weekly for duplicated or plagiarised content from your website before sending you email alerts.

Copyscape, Web SEO services
Cost? CopyScape Premium is 5₵ per page searched. Copysentry is available from $4.95 per month.

6.    SEO Moz: My hands-down favourite SEO management tool. Great for SEO agencies offering SEO services, as the cost can be spread across multiple clients. Monitor performance of your site against competitors and get advice on fixing errors.

NSEOMoz, Web SEO services

7.    MyBlogGuest: a great link building tool, although somewhat difficult to use. The interface is awful, and the administrators who monitor your posts have very stringent ideas as to how to write a blog post, leading to frustrating to-ing and fro-ing on trivial matters. That said, I’ve had some good links through MBG.

MGB, Web SEO services


8.    PostJoint: another link building service where bloggers can submit content for publication. Blogs / websites then offer to publish your post for a fee.

PostJoint, Web SEO services
Cost? Varies from $5 for post.


9.    Response Source: similar to HARO, Response Source is a UK service for PR agencies. Subscribe to the journalist enquiry service to have the opportunity to get your company onto news websites. Note that you usually have to specifically ask for a link. 

Response Source, Web SEO services
Cost? £ few hundred per category per year. 


10.  Gorkana’s media request service: very similar to Response Source, although you can’t subscribe to categories – it’s a bit more all or nothing.

Gorkana, Web SEO services

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