Digital marketing training fail

Social media trainingThis week I wanted to set up an in-house digital marketing training session for some of our newest team members. I knew that if anyone could help me find a digital marketing training specialist in London, it would be Google. In particular, I was looking for an intro to Google Analytics and an intro to Email Marketing, and the options presented by the search engine were all very promising.

I couldn’t wait to be impressed by these digital marketing impresarios and I eagerly contacted the first four on the list with my brief.

However, instead of being impressed, I was blown away by the poor marketing and customer service skills offered by these providers. Shame on you digital marketing industry!

The first one informed me that they do not have capacity to take on any new work at the moment. Good for them – an excellent business problem to have. However, if you don’t have capacity to take on more work, why are you still bidding circa £4 per click on your PPC campaign? Surely you should only turn on your PPC campaign when you are looking to win business? I would expect you to get that before I pay you thousands to train my team.

Which brings me to the second provider. I emailed them on Monday asking for a quote, through their contact form. It’s now Friday and I haven’t heard a peep from them.

On to the third digital marketing training company. This was a brand I was already familiar with, so I was confident I would be wowed by their response. This time, I picked up the phone. Instead of being put straight through to an impressive trainer who could brief me on their services in a friendly and energising phone call, I reached a receptionist who wasn’t convinced that the company offered digital marketing training at all. Upon finally being put through to someone more in touch with that company’s services, all he did was take my name and number. That was Wednesday and I have yet to hear a response.

So this morning, in despair, I went to the fourth provider on my shortlist. As I was about to press ‘submit’ on the webform, I noticed a button inviting me to ‘chat online now’. Great idea I thought, and eagerly typed my request into the instant messaging box.  After almost a minute of silence, I received a message saying ‘no operators are currently available’.

So, social media network, I have temporarily lost confidence in Google’s ability to help me and in the digital marketing world’s ability to practice what it preaches. Instead, I implore you: can you help me find a digital marketing specialist to design a bespoke in-house course for a few members of my team?

Please submit suggestions in the comments box below.

And, if you’re looking for social media training, come to us as I promise our service will not leave you frustrated!