Video marketing: how to go viral... or have fun trying!

As Jamie Field, TopLine's Head of Production, pointed out in a previous post, the idea that you can simply say "Make me a viral video!" then sit back while your production company turns you into an internet sensation is, well, dumb. It seems a new video goes viral every week or two, but that's not surprising when over 70 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. It's like the Infinite Monkey Theorum: if a monkey bashes away at a typewriter for long enough (forever, actually), it'll almost certainly type out every one of Shakespeare's plays. With so many videos posted online - amateur and professional productions alike - it's no wonder the odd clip hits the viral motherload.

So, I hear you ask, it's all as random as a primate's prodding? To which we answer: yes, sometimes, but not always. Some of our favourite viral videos are examples of 'right place, right time' smartphone moviemaking. Others, however, are deliberate, well-planned, well-executed pieces of video marketing - the kind that a company of any size can practice, given the right tools and guidance.

The following infographic is a roundup of a few top tips you should consider if you plan on commissioning a marketing video. Take a look at our favourite online video gems, and the lessons we think can be learned from their successes.

Viral video marketing