A review of My Blog Guest

b2b pr, digital prMy Blog Guest is a guest blogging resource that brings bloggers together with publishers for mutual benefit.

How it works

For $30 a month you get to post four posts into the articles gallery, tagged to the relevant category. Once your post has finally been approved by the ‘computer-says-no’ moderator, blog owners bid for it. They don’t pay a cent for your post (money’s not the objective here). Instead, they use their Pagerank, readership and circulation figures as their blogs’ currency. You accept your best offer and they publish your post, links et al.

My evaluation

This guest blogging platform is a great addition to your digital PR toolkit. That's in theory at least. In practice, it’s a little less impressive. To start with, the interface is horrendous. In 2013, we’re used to beautiful technology that works like a dream thanks to the likes of Xero,  Apple and Facebook, but this platform is simply clunky and requires 18th century sea-captain skills to navigate! Then there are the stringent guest blogging rules – You MUST have sub headings (even if they are completely irrelevant), you MAY NOT include a link at the start of the article (no matter how relevant to the article and irrelevant to your own sales process) and you MUST capitalise the first letter of every word in your heading. I understand the principle of having guidelines, I get it. But there is no catch-all set of rules for guest blogging, which makes this a little frustrating.


Of the five posts I put forward on My Blog Guest over the course of two months, all received at least five offers and each was published.  In every instance I accepted the best offer.

In the case of onlinemarketingforum.org, my post on six fantastic SEO tools was well positioned on a Pagerank 1 blog about marketing.

However, that kind of relevance is varied – my post on analyst relations (that important branch of tech pr) which landed on stepbystepdirections.com sits in amongst a whole lot of completely unconnected content like ‘The Secret of Socks’ and ‘What is a Monoclonal Antibody?’


My Blog Guest is worth trying as part of your B2B PR and link building through guest blogging strategy. If you can sit through the usability issues, you’ll get some decent links (assuming your content meets some basic quality standards). I doubt you could successfully run your whole link building campaign through My Blog Guest – especially if you’re in a B2B industry (where, let's face it, you need a good B2B PR agency to generate a great story and hit the phones), but, if you’re not a seasoned guest blog pitcher, this is probably a good place to start.

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