Alltop: Friend or Foe?

Digital PRBlogging is fast becoming something of a marketing trend. A business that is able to produce fresh and interesting content in the form of a blog can increase website traffic and better engage with its target market, while simultaneously climbing search engine rankings. So it’s important that the blog reaches as wide an audience as possible, which is largely done through the power of social media – and this is where Alltop comes in.

What is Alltop?

Alltop provides categorised selections of blog feeds, making it very easy to research a certain topic or industry from a single platform. Founder Guy Kawasaki refers to it as “an online magazine rack” that provides “all the top” (hence the name) stories for the most popular topics on the web.

How can you use it to promote your blog?

It collects the latest headline stories from the best websites and blogs that cover a particular topic. Then you simply click through on a chosen story - and that’s it. When it comes to deciding which blogs and sites to promote on their feed, it’s not based on computer algorithms or search engine results; in fact, it’s entirely subjective. If you produce high quality content that’s regularly updated and the folks at Alltop like what they see, then you’ll likely appear on the site. The best way of getting your blog up there is to pick up the phone and tell them why your blog’s great, or simply submit it through the online submission form. If you can back this up with a decent Twitter following and a high share count, that’s even better.


Alltop has been subject to a fair bit of criticism since its launch back in 2008. Tech Crunch even went as far as to describe it as ‘a big pile of nothing’, which in my opinion is pretty unjustified (considering it’s in the top 7,000 sites on the web!). For those of us working in the world of digital PR, having our RSS feeds constantly updated with the latest headlines is part and parcel of the job. But for the rest of the world out there, this is less of a priority. While it may not be considered that cool and it’s a pretty simple platform, from the perspective of the blog owner, what’s not to love? It gets your blog in front of more people that are interested in hearing what you have to say. It’s also enhancing the effectiveness of blogging as the latest marketing tool.


So if you’re looking to maximise your blog readership, then you could do a lot worse than getting yourself on Alltop. I wouldn’t recommend you build your entire engagement strategy on it, particularly if you’re working in the B2B sector (you’ll need to devise a decent B2B social media strategy for that), but it will help you enhance your blogger profile, increase readership and gain followers.

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