UK Business Schools on Twitter

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Our first analysis in our series on education social media marketing looks at how the UK’s top MBA Schools use Twitter.

And the winner is....London Business School - by a mile!


Business School

Twitter Handle

Followers (March 2013)

London Business School



University of Oxford: Said

@Oxford SBS


Cass Business School



University of Cambridge: Judge



Warwick Business School



Lancaster University Management School



Manchester Business School



Crandfield School of Management



Imperial College London (Business School)



Bath School of Management



Now I'm not saying that having a huge Twitter following is the be all and end all of education social media marketing. It's easy to build a massive Twitter following simply by following thousands and thousands of Twitter accounts that automatically follow back anyone who follows them. However, it's also easy to spot this strategy - simply look at the ratio of followers to following - for an influential Twitter account it should be greater than one. In each of the cases above it is. 

And, to be fair, a large following doesn't necessarily mean untold business marketing success. Take John Pigeon for example. He's a London pigeon who tweets about shitting on people's heads. Hilarious enough to attract 88,472 followers, but not quite monetising his celebrity yet. 

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