Using trade show videos to stand out from the crowd

b2b social media agency, public relations agencyMore exhibitors are beginning to use video at trade shows to present their products and services in an interesting manner. The most important thing to consider when commissioning a video is that at a trade show you are positioned directly next to your competitors, and so your corporate video must do everything possible to make your company stand out.

There are a number of ways to use a trade show video to boost your success:

Pre record a video and play it at your stand.

Obviously, if this is the right length, punchy and eye catching enough, visitors to your stand will be able find out all about your business even when your company reps are busy talking to other customers. It’s also a great way of ensuring a consistent message gets across to all the visitors to the stand. If you’re going to pre-record the video, get your public relations agency involved to make sure you get the content right.

Create a studio at your stand.

For an organisation that really wants to stand out and attract a crowd to their stand, creating a small production studio at the stand can be effective. Hire a skilled presenter and pre-arrange interviews at the stand with your industry’s most influential people. These could include your clients, customers, media reps and analysts. There is no better way to ensure people visit your stand than to invite them to be featured in an interview. If your video production company is really slick they should be able to edit these interviews into easily digestible videos that can be published on your website/YouTube channel before the trade show closes the very same day. Don’t forget to get your B2B social media agency to tweet these videos and share them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to get maximum engagement from the target audience.

Buy advertising space on the trade show’s TV channel.

Most trade shows and exhibitions have dedicated TV shows that broadcast throughout the show. For organisations that want maximum impact, a short advertising slot on one of these shows can be very effective.  It is important that the content of the advertisement is visually engaging as viewers will often watch these from a distance (for example, on a screen mounted on a truck in the parking lot). As a result, an interview with lots of audio content will risk the message getting lost. However, if you hire a competent video animation company that specialises in communicating messages visually, you’ll surely stand out from competitors.

Trade shows and exhibitions can be incredibly powerful marketing events if approached correctly. They can also be incredibly expensive marketing flops. Trade shows are no longer about just turning up; that’s what all your competitors will also be doing. If you want to stand out, make a video. After all, the average person watches 3.6 videos online a day, why not make one of them yours?

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