Business School Media Coverage

Five hundred and ninety people search each month on Google for “Top 10 UK business schools”. For prospective students, their next step will likely be to search online for each of the business schools on that list. One of the things they will be looking for is the public’s (including future employers’) image of the school. This image will be determined in a number of ways, and the media will have a major impact. News coverage of the schools’ latest research and quotes from faculty in respected business-focused publications will go a long way towards boosting a school’s profile (and improving its chances of attracting applications).

However, for some of the UK’s business schools on the top ten list, prospective students will not find much in the way of media coverage.

Media coverage comparison

Any business school’s education marketing strategy should include a PR campaign targeting some of the UK’s leading business media outlets. For the purposes of this exercise, we have chosen The Economist, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and The Times. The graph below shows which business schools are winning, and which are losing, the battle for media coverage.

London Business School wins by a mile, having achieved 440 pieces of tier one UK media coverage in the last year. Cass Business School comes in second place with 425 pieces of coverage, winning the greatest share of voice in The Telegraph and The Times. Far behind the rest, Bath School of Management garnered only four mentions in tier one media. The Financial Times was this year’s major source of top ten coverage, with the UK’s business schools receiving a significant amount of their tier one coverage from this single media outlet.

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