How to produce a captivating video news release

NewsFor many top PR firms in London, getting a client featured on TV is a big hit. This is because TV delivers a concentrated audience and is considered a trustworthy news medium, as people tend to believe what they see. One way of getting broadcast media exposure is through the use of a video news release, which is equivalent to a press release in video form and made to look like a news report. After production, video news releases are provided to television newsrooms with the aim of shaping public opinion as well as promoting commercial products and services. 

To create the perfect TV story, your video news release will need three key elements, which can only be achieved through the combined efforts of your B2B PR agency and video production team: newsworthiness, great interviews and visually captivating imagery.


A video news release must contain actual news. This is not a commercial and your B2B PR agency will be best positioned to help you identify a message that is both interesting and timely. The pace in broadcast news rooms is quick and in order for your VNR to receive air time it must be able to offer the station’s viewers a unique insight into a story that is being covered that day.

Great Interviews

The first step to ensuring that your VNR contains captivating interviews is to hire a professional news reporter with on-air experience (which your video production team will be able to arrange) to conduct them. Next, you will need to work with your B2B PR team to carefully choose your interviewees. Do not be restricted by limiting your interview pool to C-level executives within the company. Experts that can authoritatively speak about the news story you are hoping to engage with will lend credibility to your video. In addition, you can conduct “man on the street” interviews with randomly selected people to get their reaction to your story for a more breaking news story feel.

Visually captivating

While your B2B PR team can help identify a newsworthy story and arrange interesting interviews, it is your video production team’s job to recommend visually captivating imagery.  Interesting messaging and interviews are also standards of print PR, but it is the visual aspect that has made you decide to produce a VNR, so take advantage of it! The VNRs that will get the most coverage are those that can offer footage not readily available to the broadcast station you are targeting and that they may not have the budget to source themselves.

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