How to tell if your digital PR agency is up to the task

BlogsAs @TopLineFounder Heather Baker mentioned in an earlier post on our blog, 2013 will be a year of change for the PR world.

B2B Technology PR agencies large and small have been diversifying their services to offer a more digitally-oriented portfolio that will meet clients’ needs for integrated marketing communications.

What we’ve noticed, however, is that rather than altering practices from the ground up, some agencies have included digital as a tech PR “bolt-on” instead of living and breathing it as they should.

To evaluate whether your tech PR agency is truly digital, we’ve devised some criteria that hold a mirror up to agencies’ digital marketing practices. If your PR agency doesn’t practice what it preaches, then should you trust them to run your own digital PR campaign?

Here’s how you can tell if your PR agency has invested in its own digital PR:


Most top PR agencies in London have some form of company blog. Good digital PR requires a blog that is regularly updated (at least once a week) with relevant and interesting content. You can very quickly assess how popular a blog is by looking at the number of shares and likes the posts receive. If the blog doesn’t have big, obvious social sharing buttons and counters, then that’s a clue that the blog isn’t used as part of the technology PR agency’s digital PR campaign. Alarm bells should start ringing.


How many “Likes” does the agency’s Facebook page have? Is there meaningful engagement on the page (interaction with fans and conversation through comments and responses)? We know of a top-ranked digital agency that doesn’t even have a Facebook page and we’ve recently encountered an agency with a digital PR guru, speaking at events across the globe, sharing his advice and expertise on running digital campaigns, but whose Facebook page has failed to engage its 60 followers in the past year!


Is the LinkedIn company page impressive? Do they take advantage of all of LinkedIn’s features: products, client testimonials, forums, company updates? LinkedIn’s significance as a digital marketing tool is growing, particularly in B2B – for example, its advertising offers excellent value for money. Top PR firms in London that haven’t dedicated the time to a LinkedIn page worth visiting probably aren’t putting best practice digital PR into play.


Does the PR agency have a Google+ page? Does it have several targeted circles and regularly share updates and content with its communities? We suspect that Google+ will play a major role in website optimisation in the future and your PR agency should have already recognised this.

The days of the traditional PR agency are numbered. Clients are demanding a more integrated marketing service that incorporates video production services, social media and digital marketing in addition to PR. Would you take advice from an accountant whose practice is going bankrupt? Would you hire an HR manager who was fired from her previous two roles? So why on earth would you appoint a digital PR agency whose digital credentials are questionable?

At TopLine, we practice what we preach. Work with one of London’s top technology PR agencies with digital credentials that measure up.