Review of Guest Blog It: Leave it!

Digital marketing servicesGuest Blog It defines itself as a membership community that connects content writers and publishers to facilitate the guest blogging process.  

How it works

If you are looking for a blog on which to publish your pre-written posts, you can register for an account on Guest Blog It and then upload your post to the gallery.  In addition to uploading your post you will need to provide a brief summary, author bio and choose keywords for the post.  Before your post is added to the gallery, Guest Blog It will ensure your post is original by searching the internet to see if it has ever been published before.  If the post contains even 50 per cent duplicated content, Guest Blog It will not allow you to add the post to the gallery. 

After your post is uploaded, blog owners will be able to search for the keywords or categories most relevant to their sites, view the first few paragraphs of your post, the summary and your bio, and then decide if they would like to make an offer.  To make an offer, blog owners will send you a message informing you of the blog they own and in what time frame they plan to publish your post.  When logging into your account, you will be able to view offers and decide on which blog you would prefer your post to be published. After an offer is accepted, the full blog post will be sent to the blog owner to be published.

My Evaluation

An aspect of Guest Blog It that is unique compared to the other blog sharing sites we have reviewed is the rule that if an offer is accepted, blog owners must publish the post within 30 days and that when they make an offer, they need to provide a timeframe in which the post will be published.  This is a particularly useful feature if you are writing guest posts for the purpose of link building, as it will help ensure you are creating new links at regular intervals. The other useful rule is that blog owners are not allowed to change any aspect of a post without first seeking the author’s permission.  In this way, you can be assured that your link will remain in the format in which you have supplied it and that your writing style will not be altered.

On the other hand, if you are a blog owner looking for content, Guest Blog It is more difficult to use. Many of the posts in the gallery have typos and grammatical mistakes, making it time consuming to wait for the author to give you permission to make the changes necessary to ensure that the post you publish is of a high standard. In addition, it is not easy to find posts that are a perfect fit for your site. The category search options are very general and limited. If you search by keyword, you have to anticipate how contributors will have tagged their posts, which often does not accurately reflect what they have written.

The difference between the free membership and the paid-for membership is the number of live articles you are allowed to have on the article market at one time. The decision to get a paid membership will largely depend on whether you will be producing several articles each month for which you would like to find blogs. A free membership will allow you one article in the marketplace each month. A pro membership costs $20 a month for unlimited articles in the marketplace.


To test Guest Blog It’s article marketplace, we submitted a blog post titled “Forget the banks and the economy. The biggest barrier to small business growth is BT.” While the article has been in the marketplace now for five days, we have not received any offers from blog owners wanting to publish it. This appears to be the case for a significant number of the articles in the marketplace, with many still not having been published after several weeks on the site. In addition, after looking through the other articles on offer to blog owners, it appears that our blog post does not fit with the general style of the articles on offer. Many of the articles are sales focused, lacking in originality and ripe with grammatical errors, with titles including “Top 10 SEO tricks for getting best Google rank [sic]” and “make money use some tips of internet marketing [sic].”


Guest Blog It has not proved useful for us in placing our article and it does not appear to be a great resource for blog owners wanting to find interesting and well written posts for their sites.  While Guest Blog It does offer a few unique features, such as not allowing a post to be submitted to the marketplace unless it offers original content and requiring blog owners to submit offers with a specific publication date range, these features are of no use if quality articles are not submitted and blog owners are not actively using the site. It would instead be much more effective, when hoping to place a blog post on a quality blog, to directly contact blog owners and ask if they would be interested in using your blog post.

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