The components of good business school marketing

ChecklistFor the last month, this blog has given special attention to education marketing with a series of posts relating to how the UK’s top 10 business schools have fared in a variety of traditional PR and digital marketing channels. The following draws on the research presented throughout the series to create a list of tactics that should be considered for any business school marketing checklist.


Networking is an important part of studying at business school. As a result, business schools should provide a useful forum for current and past students to engage with each other and the school. LinkedIn provides the ideal platform for this use as its primary purpose is to help people improve their professional networking. Business schools must ensure that they have created an active and easy to find community for their students and alumni.


Of the social media platforms, Facebook is the most valuable for attracting prospective students and securing referrals from current students. As the would-be business school students you hope to target may be different from your target audience for other academic programmes, you may want to consider a separate Facebook page for the business school. However, it is also important to be careful to not have too many active pages to the extent that potential students are confused which page they should follow.


Twitter is not necessarily the most important channel for education marketing. However, it is important to have a strong presence as it enables you to engage with potential, current and former students as well as industry thought leaders, many of which are active on Twitter. It is important to keep in mind that the most influential Twitter account may not be the one with the most followers. To recognise an influential account, look at the ratio of followers to following. The best accounts will have many more (relevant) followers than accounts followed.  

Education PR campaigns

Media coverage is important to build a school’s reputation as a prestigious institution among prospective students and to apposition faculty as thought leaders within the industry. In a previous post in this series, I pointed out that a small group of schools dominates the share of voice in the media and so for many there is significant room for improvement. Our research also revealed that the Financial Times most often wrote about the UK’s top business schools and so would be a good publication to target first.

Search Engine Optimisation

You can get good media coverage but if readers then cannot find your website using a simple Google search, most of the benefits of the media coverage will go unrealised. One of the first steps to ensuring your website is optimised for organic searches is to use the Google Adwords keyword tool to identify the number of searches from within the UK for keywords that people may use if they are hoping to find your website. After identifying these exact match keywords, the copy of your website will need to be updated to include them. Heather Baker has already done much of this research for you, the details of which are presented in a previous post in the series.

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