Quick! Grab your share of your industry’s digital landscape before it’s too late

Strategy word chainI know what you’re thinking: I would say that. I run a digital marketing agency, so in my self-centred world digital marketing is everything and every company should be dedicating the lion’s share of its marketing budget to B2B social media, digital PR, SEO or video production services.

But putting aside my own selfish need to grow my business, I urge anyone working in the marketing department at a B2B company to pull their finger out and start to design their digital marketing strategy. Once that’s done, they then need to pull their finger out and start to implement their digital marketing strategy.

Why the urgency? Because every minute a competitor spends on their digital marketing strategy is a minute you will have to catch up when you get started on yours. Every competitor who enters the search rankings on a keyword you would like your own site to rank for is another website to compete against in your fight to climb the search rankings – only one website can rank first per keyword. Every fan your competitor scores on Facebook is a fan you will have to work harder to woo in future, because people tend not to like more than one page about the same subject. Every follower gained by a Twitter expert on a subject close to your company’s heart is a follower less interested in you and your samey old future tweets. Every LinkedIn follower or Google+ community member your competitor engages is one whose interest will be slightly harder for you to arouse in future.     

There seems to be some confusion here. I often hear of companies that are waiting for 2014 to genuinely start investing in digital marketing services and strategies. What they fail to realise is that the opportunity presented by digital is not infinite. It is very much finite, whatever their industry. It’s a land grab, which means that a digital marketing strategy implemented now will deliver better returns that one implemented in September, and those returns will continue to diminish with time. 

Additionally, the success of a digital campign is not entirely under your control. It requires two things: 

1. A cleverly designed and meticulously executed strategy, and

2. A strategy that is better, more consistent and more established than those of your competitors.

Ignore digital marketing at your peril. Or, get in touch with our B2B digital marketing specialists to future proof your marketing strategy.