Top London landmarks to include in your corporate video

London skylineWhen producing a corporate video, it is important to not only have a professionally written script, but to also have visually captivating imagery.  After all, that is why you have decided to have a video made! Whether you’re launching in the UK, showing off your London brand for an international audience or just taking advantage of the cityscapes, there are a handful of landmarks that will make your video unmistakeably ‘London’.

The London Eye

From this massive Ferris wheel positioned on the banks of the Thames you can on a sunny day make out Windsor Castle. While the views are spectacular from the top, they are not always easy to capture on camera. Rather, find a position for filming along the South Bank with a view of the London Eye in the background. When the London Eye first opened in 1999 it was known by many as the millennium wheel, portraying a sense of innovation and of what was to come.  Film your video at the London Eye if this is the same sentiment you wish to convey in your corporate video.

The Houses of Parliament

Not only is the parliament building (also known as the Palace of Westminster) a beautiful piece of architecture, but by filming in front of the building you give your video the feeling that the government is both literally and figuratively standing behind your company. This location will lend a sense of authority to your corporate video.

Tower Bridge

No landmark says London better than Tower Bridge, thought by many visiting tourists to be London Bridge (the original of which is currently arching over Lake Havasu in the United States). From a position outside the Tower of London you can get a great shot of Tower Bridge and the Thames.

The Shard

In contrast to Tower Bridge, the Shard is one of London’s newest buildings. With the opening of the Shard’s viewing deck to the public just this year, the Shard presents a great opportunity for filming a corporate video high above London.

Primrose Hill

For a less urban but still recognisably London location, Primrose Hill is perfect. On top of the hill you are surrounded by greenery but are also provided with views over London. The location provides a sense of calm within the surroundings of busy London.

And what is one of the worst places in London to film a corporate video?

The London Underground

While the tube is certainly a London landmark and an integral part of a Londoner’s daily life, standing in a hot and cramped carriage is probably not the image you want to conjure in people’s minds when they think about your company. In addition, the dark lighting, loud noise and strong wind that blows through the tunnels whenever a train is approaching all make for bad filming conditions. Instead, when filming outside of a studio on location, look for a place like the ones we have listed above that offer open space and ample natural light.  And, if you still lack inspiration, take a look at this video of many London landmarks that was filmed in colour in 1927.

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