5 warning signs that you need to call in an education marketing agency

Digital marketingIf you’re providing services in the bustling education sector, getting your offering in front of the right people can be a tricky task. Whilst few can doubt that reaching your audience through digital channels is an important means of communication, many fail to use digital marketing to its full potential, not investing the time, money and resources necessary to achieve great results. If you find yourself with any of the following problems, and lack the time or expertise to address them, it’s probably time to find an education marketing agency that can sort them out for you.

You’ve spent heaps of money on a flashy website, but you’re not getting any visitors

Your website may be a visual masterpiece, but if people aren’t winding up on it when they search for keywords related to your product or service, you might as well have spent that money on free ice cream for all of your employees.

Search engine optimisation (getting your website high up in Google results) requires considerable effort and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the best techniques to get your website in first place on Google (or indeed other search engines like Yahoo and Bing). If you don’t have the capacity or expertise in-house, calling in pros who know what they’re on about is a solid investment. More visitors to your site means more people exposed to your offering, which can only be a good thing.

Your social media accounts aren’t getting any interaction

The biggest social media mistake a company or organisation can make is to set up a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest (the list goes on…) profile and then sit back smugly thinking it's down with the whole ‘social media thing’.

Social media – or most importantly, tracking down, interacting with and influencing your target audience on social media – is an ongoing investment that requires constant attention (and not just from an intern who hasn’t got anything else to do). It isn’t just sending the odd tweet or writing the occasional bland blog post. A good education marketing agency will have proven, measurable strategies for social media success that is tailored to both audience and social network.

Nobody reads your newsletter

So you spend time each week or month gathering good news stories and piecing together your company newsletter; then you send it out and check your reports the next day. Only a handful of people have opened it.  Moreover, nobody new really seems to be signing up.

Used properly, a newsletter is a fantastic tool for education marketers, and a great way of driving traffic to your website or social media accounts and keeping stakeholders up to date with your latest news and offerings. But getting those all important sign-ups, opens and click-throughs requires a detailed knowledge of social media behaviour that only those with experience in the field have.

You want to know what people are saying about you online, but you don’t know how

Getting feedback on your product or service is an important way of developing and improving your offering. You may not have the time to monitor what is being said about your brand on social media sites or on blogs and forums day-in-day-out, but a decent education marketing agency will have the means to track down where your brand is mentioned on blogs and sites like Twitter. Once this is found, such an agency should be able to help you devise a strategy for taking on board feedback, or indeed responding to customer questions or complaints online. 

You have a blog, but only update it once in a blue moon

Content – and more importantly, regular, quality content – is fast becoming the best way to improve search rankings and demonstrate thought leadership online. But when it comes to crafting content that will gain website visits, social shares and that will help you rise the ranks in Google, investing time and effort is key. Both Google and your audience can see straight through bland, unhelpful, rushed content – so employing experts to craft it for you is certainly a worthwhile investment.