Are you inadvertently dating yourself?

Carbon datingNot that kind of dating, you lonely perv! I mean dating in the sense of carbon dating. Are you a successful, go-getting B2B PR super-star who is just freaking good at pitching the FT, writing media releases that stick like sushi rice and devising surveys that even Charles Arthur cannot hang up on? Well done you, but in your efforts to win PROTY (PR of the Year) 2008 (probably awarded by PR Moment), are you neglecting digital?  

Because if you are (and judging by some of the pitches I’ve received from AMs and ADs recently for and you probably are), then be prepared to watch your account exec overtake you on the road to PR career greatness.

Your ability to work a Google Analytics dashboard, analyse social media engagement and measure the effectiveness of link-building activity will soon be as important as your ability to organise coffee with Jonathan Moules or get David Prosser to take your call (a rare ability indeed!).

Our industry is changing faster than most of us can keep up with. Clients want integrated digital marketing, as well as traditional B2B PR. They want social media campaigns that are driven by fantastic online stories, supported by great videos and ultimately generate leads.

The B2B PR agencies that can deliver such campaigns are staffed by hybrid professionals who take the time to learn more than writing and message development. These people are interested in everything from link building to email marketing. They read the Moz blog while listening to the Today Programme and follow their peers eagerly on Twitter to get first sight of new campaigns that may or may not be working. They come up with outrageous ideas and share them generously on blogs. They use the nofollow plug-in so that they can alert their colleagues and clients to new link building opportunities and they’re no monkeys when it comes to MailChimp.

If you work in the PR industry and the previous paragraph is lost on (or scares) you then you’re falling behind. I consider you dated, and you only have yourself to blame. 

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