The Science of Marketing: Digital marketing, Einstein-style

einsteinWe’ve never been in a better position to argue that marketing could be classified as a science than we are today.

Thanks to sophisticated online tools (many of them, such as Google Analytics, available for free), businesses of any size can now collect detailed and accurate data on how their marketing investments are performing. Using this data, marketing decision-making is more informed than it’s ever been and strategies can be carefully honed and optimised to deliver higher returns. Intuition and gut feelings (major players in traditional marketing) now have no place in the practice of digital marketing, as those questions that cannot readily be answered by mining the data, can usually be answered by running objective tests.

For the serious marketer, the mountains of digital data should be applied in light of decades of scientific theories and research around influence, behavioural change, persuasion and brand building. The most robust marketing strategies will be informed by the wider body of research, but based on data collected within specific markets. And we believe this is the future of marketing.

That’s why over the past few months we’ve turned our offices into a marketing laboratory and put our digital scientists to work. We’ve been gathering all the evidence in our aim to create the most comprehensive web-based database of information on the science behind marketing.

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The Science of Marketing


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