Warning: Do you look like a video amateur?

Video is an increasingly important tool for your brand in the evolving media landscape; sites with video embedded are rewarded with higher Google rankings, people respond better to visual media, and it can radically boost the overall impression of your company. However, are you using it like a pro – or are you looking amateur? Here are some common mistakes that you want to avoid:


1.    Riding on the back of a popular video trend

It might be tempting to ride on the popularity of a popular viral – remember when you couldn’t move for the profusion of Gangnam Style rip-offs? But it’s hardly original, and will date you quicker than a haircut by Cilla Black’s stylist. It’s important that your corporate video represents and showcases your own idea and vision, rather than lazily copying something that’s already popular.

2.    Not using HD

We shouldn’t even have to make this point, but we’re going to because it’s that important; your video needs to be HD, otherwise there’s little point making it in the first place. Not using HD will make you seem cheap, will look like you’re not on top of technological developments, and won’t show off whatever’s happening in the video to its best advantage.

3.    Placing your video on an obscure website page

This is another one that seems like a no-brainer, but is surprisingly common. If you’ve made a corporate video, you want to get it viewed as much as possible; so put it on the front page of your website, or a relevant page, rather than burying it and making your customers search for it. Show it off!

4.    Choosing the wrong host

You might think, automatically, that YouTube is the best option. Free, easy, with a huge reach – what’s not to love?

Plenty, actually. First-off, if you spend money on your video production, but then just whack it up on YouTube rather than place it carefully, it suggests a lack of awareness, and worse, a lack of care. (There’s also the matter of YouTube showing previews of other videos once yours has stopped playing, potentially sending your audience right into your competitors’ hands). Vimeo is a much better option.

5.    Using a terrible script

It’s not just the picture quality that’s vitally important – the dialogue or voiceover is also crucial. If you don’t have an in-house script team, at least ensure that a professional copywriter has edited it. A great script is how you get your message across most effectively, and so while you may think you can ‘do it yourself’, make sure you get other people’s input and help.

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