Launching The SaaS Marketing Formula

coverHighlighting the difference between SaaS marketing and traditional B2B technology marketing, The SaaS Marketing Formula, written by TopLine’s CEO Heather Baker provides a step-by-step introduction into how to best market your cloud technology business.

The cloud technology market is worth a whopping $15bn, and is set to grow to $22bn by 2022. The SaaS Marketing Formula equips cloud technology companies with the marketing know how to generate leads and gain that all important market share.

Though all technology companies must understand their target market, project a compelling value proposition and attract customers, SaaS businesses face unique marketing challenges. We’ve identified the biggest ones you’ll come across, such as overcoming the IT department’s objections, securing customer loyalty, and reaching high volume, lower value customers. Readers will then learn how to overcome such challenges by implementing our SaaS marketing formula.

We’ve also laid out the most common mistakes SaaS marketers can be guilty of so have a read and make sure you’re not one of them!


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