Is your website scientific enough?

Everyone wants their business' website to draw customers and clients in, but in reality end up taking a shot in the dark and make decisions based on what they themselves like, or on what they assume their visitors will respond well to. It might not seem important or relevant to pair science and websites together, but with 97 per cent of customer searches involving a web search, the fact is that if you don’t have a good one you are missing out on business.

We’ve drawn up a list of questions, based on studies into human behaviour online, to help you to evaluate your website’s persuasiveness. If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to at least half then you need to make changes, and quickly, to  build a website that has everything you need to attract visitors and persuade them to stay.

Below are some basic yes or no questions you should ask of your developer, or of yourself if you have put together a website on Wordpress with nothing but time and hard graft. To create a website that strikes a chord with your prospects you should use what is known about human decision-making behaviours as a guide for the structure, appearance and content of your website. At the same time, take into consideration the preferences and biases of the culture of your audience so that what you say has real impact.


Do your product/service pages have calls to action or appropriate buttons?

Do visitors need to scroll to find the information they need, or is it summarised and clear on one screen?

Are your fonts, layouts and presentation consistent?

Have you used eye-tracking software to make sure important parts of pages are visible?

Have you set up Google Analytics to answer your business questions?

Is your website’s design responsive (i.e. does your website work on mobile devices?)


Does the information speak to your marketing personas?

Will the colours you have chosen have the desired cultural impact on your audience?

What short and long term gains do you promise your visitors? Will this strike a note with their cultural quirks?

Does your web copy make the most of your visitors’ competitive streaks?


Are there images? Are they relevant, captivating and in high contrast?

Do your pages take to long to load?

Have you included videos? And if so, do they evoke the right emotions?


Do you offer ‘read more’ or find out more options to draw visitors in further?

Do you sound credible and trustworthy through testimonials and other endorsements from third parties?

What are you giving to your visitors in exchange for their custom?

Is your website copy too formal, or are you using personal language?

If you can answer yes to these, and your website is still underperforming, it could be that it isn’t set up well to perform for search engines. Read this guide to the basics of SEO and linkbuilding, and keep track of visitor numbers using Google Analytics, remembering to always refine based on hard evidence of what’s working and what’s not.  By matching your website's structure and content to known behavioural cues, you'll feel like a whiz as your visitor and retention numbers steadily climb.