The dangers of a crap corporate video - and how NOT to commission one

Corp vid front coverIf your company is in the process of commissioning a corporate video, or you're thinking about doing so, then you've probably done your research and been bombarded by snippets of information such as:

  • By 2017, video will make up 69 per cent of all consumer internet traffic.
  • When someone lands on your company website they are more likely to stay if there's a video for them to watch.
  • Video enjoys better click rates than any other media.
  • Your team will learn more from a five-minute training video than from a training manual.
  • Prospects prefer to be shown how to use your product or service over having to read instructions.

But leaving the benefits of video aside, what we can tell you from years of experience as a B2B PR agency in London is that a crap corporate video can be more than a waste of money; it can do real damage to your reputation and drive away prospective customers at the very moment when you should be converting them.

Insure your company against crap corporate video damage

If you want to avoid the dangers of a crap video, you need the Ultimate Guide to Commissioning a Corporate Video, the resource that will explain what you should (and should most definitely not) do when organising the production of your company video. This resource will take you through the various styles and uses of corporate video, what to expect during the production process, and how to maximise your ROI.

The uses (and abuses) of corporate video

Video, when done well, performs vital functions for your business and promotes action. It can be used to explain what your company is all about, to demonstrate new products, to train your employees or to hire new ones. When done badly, the potential positives quickly turn to negatives, and the results can leave your company in a worse position than when it started.

What NOT to do

Here are just a few pointers to follow if you want to avoid ending up with a video that makes your boss look like David Brent and paints a picture of an all-round amateur operation.

  • Do NOT insist on a style that you’ve seen before – it’ll probably date your video.
  • Do NOT write the script yourself (unless you’ve got some experience in this area).
  • Do NOT suggest your CEO does the voice over (leave it to the professionals).
  • Do NOT do anything unless you're serious about using video to grow your business.

For a comprehensive resource that helps you commission an explainer video or video case study that gets results, download the Ultimate Guide to Commissioning a Corporate Video for free today.