The Fintech Little Black Book is here

We’re pleased to announce that The Fintech Little Black Book - our A-Z listing of Fintech firms - is now available to download.

It only takes a cursory glance at the firms attracting investment from venture capitalists to realise how important Fintech has become as sector. Research by EY shows that in the UK alone, over £1 billion was invested in Fintech firms last year and the sector is expected to generate £20 billion for the UK economy this year, according to a 2014 report commissi0ned by UK Trade and Investment.

At TopLine, as a B2B technology PR specialist we’ve spent quite some time studying the Fintech sector and learning about the companies within it. We’ve even nurtured some of them from their first steps as start-ups to global success stories. One of the things that makes Fintech so interesting is the fact that it’s a sector characterised by disruptive technology, where the majority of growth and up to 60% of market share is focused on emergent technologies according to EY.  
Having watched with excitement and interest as the Fintech sector attracted an increasing amount of media attention, we began to realise that something was missing: a definitive directory of the organisations that are leading the way in the industry and the people who support them. Someone had to put one together – and why shouldn’t that someone be us?

So here is the first edition of what will eventually become the definitive guide to all things Fintech: a categorised listing of all the Fintech firms we’ve come across and what they bring to the industry.

We enjoyed compiling the book and we’re already planning our second edition for Q1 2015. So, if your company isn’t listed, or you’d like us to update your entry, let us know. 
Download the  Fintech Little Black Book