Are you a Fintech boomer?

Sometimes you’re riding the crest of a wave. The sun is on your back; the wind is in your hair; the world is a beautiful place.
If you’re in Fintech right now, you’ll probably recognise that feeling. As a B2B technology PR agency, barely a day passes without us hearing someone say “Fintech is so hot right now”, or feeling a tremor of excitement about the latest Fintech innovation.
But how do you know that you’re actually surfing in the Fintech sea? What if you’re missing out on important events and information in the sector? Are you a Fintech boomer, or a Fintech sheep?
You might not be in a position to go public like Lending Club just yet, but there are a few things you’ll recognise if you’re a Fintech boomer.
1)    You’ll attend these events.
One of the greatest features of the Fintech boom, particularly in London, is the supportive, friendly community that’s grown up in the sector. This community puts on a whole host of events, and these are the ones you won’t want to miss over the next few months.
  • Forbes’ announcement of the Fintech 50 in January 2015
  • High Performance Computing and Big Data Summit in February 2015
  • LBS 17th Entrepreneurship Conference in February 2015
  • The Secret to Fintech Startup Success in February 2015
  • Finovate Europe in February 2015
  • Financial News’ Fintech Conference in March 2015
  • Qcon London in March 2015
  • Cloud Expo Europe (handily in London next year) in March 2015
  • International Payments Summit in March 2015
  • TechX15 in April 2015
  • London FinDEVr Conference in June 2015
  • Fintech Week London, 21st-28th September 2015
  • IP Expo in October 2015
  • Anything held by Innovate Finance
2)    You’ll enter these awards.
As a sociable bunch, true Fintechers love nothing more than getting into their black tie and patting each other on the back. Work hard, play hard after all...
3)    You’ll follow these people on Twitter.
Fintech firms were on Twitter from the second they were born. And it’s not just the companies themselves; there are lots of news sources, incubators and support networks dedicated to the Fintech sector.
4)    You’ll subscribe to these publications.
With the rise of Fintech came an explosion in websites featuring Fintech news, analysis and opinion articles. Here are some of our favourites:
5)    You’ll be listed in the Fintech Little Black Book.
Fintech is constantly moving and developing as a sector. This makes it incredibly exciting to follow, but difficult to keep up with.
So who are the movers and shakers in London, I hear you ask? They’re the companies listed in TopLine Comms’ Fintech Little Black Book.
And like any Little Black Book, it’s constantly being updated. If you think we’ve missed someone, just let us know!
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