​Essentia, Sonovate and Geonomics win big: the TopLine Awards Roundup!

“Award-winning.” It’s the one little compound word that can work wonders for your company’s esteem. Is there anything it can’t improve? No wonder actors spend their careers pursuing Oscars, and chefs work hard towards their Michelin stars: the choice between regular quiche lorraine and award-winning quiche lorraine is really no choice at all.

At TopLine, we’ve won a few awards ourselves, so we’re well aware of the benefits they bring (and to be honest, we’re still pretty excited to have won). When we got the great news that some of our clients have won a few awards lately, we were obviously thrilled: we’re happy to represent companies with such terrific products, but we’re even happier when they get the recognition they deserve.
1.    The Award-Winning Essentia Analytics

Essentia Analytics has been pretty tough to escape over the past few months (not that you’d want to, of course): its CEO, Clare Flynn Levy accompanied everyone’s favourite mayor on his FinTech delegation back in February, provided expert comment on the UK FinTech sector at the Innovate Finance Global Summit, and offered insight into technology that give traders their edge back for the BBC.

In January 2015, they were named in FinTechCity’s Hot Ten, and won the Best Performance Data Analytics category at The Hedge Fund Journal Awards.  Both gongs are richly deserved, and indicative of Essentia’s increasing influence in the behavioural finance industry. Congratulations!  
2.    The Award-Winning Sonovate

As the recruitment sector gets better acquainted with the benefits of contract finance, Sonovate only grows in prominence. Like Essentia, they’re a proud member of the FinTechCity (not, alas, a real place) Hot Ten, but they’ve also been named in the Everline Future 50: RealBusiness’s list of the “most disruptive” companies in British business – the ones breaking down barriers and creating innovative products.

Too often, the organisations that are forcing real change in their sector don’t get the recognition they deserve while they’re trading; with RealBusiness lauding Sonovate’s credible challenge to the banks, we’re pleased that this isn’t the case.

Sonovate good times, come on!
3.    The Award-Winning Geonomics

Geonomics broke into the lottery and gaming industry in 2008, bringing innovation (but not unnecessary innovation) and vigour to a sector experiencing some serious growing pains. Founded by brothers Henry and James Oakes – a 25 year-old wunderkind and a seasoned LSE grad respectively, and collectively the best sibling team-up since the Super Mario Bros. – they’ve gone from strength to strength since then: GeoLotto, their flagship geo-gaming product, has carved out a niche in the market, and Treasure Hunt (with Turbo, F2P, and mobile versions being released in recent months) has come on in leaps and giant, city-sized bounds.

We couldn’t be more pleased that RealBusiness also saw fit to recognise their contributions. Citing the way they’re “modernising the old-fashioned lottery business with tech and emotion”, the company was named in the Everline Future 50 alongside Sonovate. Given that it has recently secured more than £30m of investment, expanded its team to 50, and rolled out some exciting new products, it’s clear that Geonomics is on the rise – and the award is ultimately just the icing on the delicious cartographic cake. But who doesn’t love icing?

A business award can give a company a much-deserved moment in the spotlight, and yours could be in our next list of winners. If that idea floats your boat, contact us to talk more about how our (award winning) B2B PR agency experts can help you.